Brother LS14 Sewing Machine Review

Brother LS14 Sewing Machine Review

From one of the biggest brands in the sewing machine market, the Brother LS14 sewing machine is a very popular model that, being compact and simple to use, is a perfect entry-level machine and would be perfect for beginners. It is also sensibly priced in comparison to some of the competition in this market sector. Our Brother LS14 review should help you decide whether this is the machine for you and if not, what is!

A series of pre-set stitches makes life easier for those who are happy to select their settings this way, although some may prefer to look at machines that have manual dials for such settings, and while the range of available stitches is not the best around, there is plenty of scope for varied stitching.

This is not a machine, therefore, for the more complex work you may want to indulge in, but rather one that is intended for simple yet regular use. Let’s have a look at the Brother LS14 metal chassis sewing machine in a little more detail.

Main Features of the Brother LS14

We have taken each important area of detail and looked at it closely. This should give you a good idea of whether this machine is the one for you, or if you need to consider a different model.

Bobbin System and Plate

Perhaps the most important aspect of any sewing machine, the bobbin system and stitching plate on the LS14 sewing machine is a simple yet practical design.

Brother Stitch Plate

Notably, the bobbin system is a top-loading design. This has many advantages, especially for beginners. First, it is far easier to load a bobbin using a top loading set-up than it is with the more common front-load system, and it is less fiddly and quicker, too.

The needle plate is a no-frills design that offers ease of use and practicality, so is designed for beginners to get going with the stitching without a problem. Put simply, the essentials are there, and that’s all you need for the jobs this machine is intended for.

Motor Size

The simple 50W motor that powers the Brother LS14 sewing machine is a long way from being the most powerful; there are other entry-level machines with more powerful motors, so if this is a concern, you should possibly look elsewhere.

Having said that, 50W is perfectly capable of tackling most jobs of the type this machine is intended for. If sewing thicker materials, you may find that the machine struggles somewhat, and it will certainly have trouble with upholstery projects.

The limited power of the motor means that you also need to be careful with your choice of needle, but if you select the right one and don’t try anything too complex. The Brother sewing machine LS14 should be capable of doing the job.

Freehand Stitching

As a simple and basic starter machine, the Brother LS14 is not designed for freehand stitching. If you do need to perform stitching in this way, you will require an additional darning plate and other accessories. Therefore, if this is something that is likely to be a big part of your stitching routine, this is not the machine for you.

Similar Sewing Machines to the Brother

If this Brother LS14 review leaves you wondering whether this is a good buy for your requirements, you may want to consider some of the other models in the range. Brother has a wide variety of well-made, reliable and capable machines at sensible prices, so you will be able to find a sewing machine that does the job among them.

Brother LS14 Best Selling Sewing Machine for Beginners

Alternatively, you could take a look at the Singer 1409, a sensibly-priced machine with some added specifications, and one that compares well to the Brother LS14, or one of various machines from the own-brand range at Tesco or John Lewis.

Other Packaged Accessories

What do you get in the box with your Brother LS14? Apart from the darning plate – which we have mentioned will need to be purchased as an accessory – you get everything you require to plug in, set up and start stitching.

In the package you get an all-purpose foot, a buttonhole foot – the machine performs a 4-step buttonhole stitch so is quite handy – and a zipper foot. You also get the power cable necessary to get the machine going, and a full set of instructions.

While not the most comprehensively equipped entry-level sewing machine, the Brother LS14 is a well-priced model that will serve a beginner well.


Where the Brother LS14 may fall down in comparison to some comparable machines is in the range of stitches available. All stitches are pre-set, with no dials to set alternatives, so you are limited to the stitches that are set for you to use. This is okay for beginners, but more advanced users might find this restriction annoying after time.

Brother LS14 Close Up

You can choose from a selection of straight stitches of the following lengths: 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.0mm. Also, you can only use reverse stitches with a length of 2.0mm. Also, pre-set are a series of zig-zag stitches at set lengths, plus a blind hem and stretch blind hem stitch and an elastic stitch.

These selections may be suitable for some users – and the fact they are pre-set and easy to select is a bonus – but for greater variability, you might want to consider other models.

Brother LS14 Review Summary

Is the Brother LS14 the entry-level sewing machine for you? Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons we’ve covered in our Brother LS14 sewing machine review before we sum up:


  • Great sewing machine for beginners
  • Simple to use & quick to learn
  • Compact design makes it easy to store
  • Accessory pack includes various feet
  • Best price for an entry-level sewing machine


  • Limited pre-set stitches
  • No dial controls
  • 50w motor may put some users off
  • No darning plate included

If we take a look at the LS14 sewing machine overall, it is clearly a basic machine that is designed for the beginner, and for simple, everyday tasks. This does not mean it should be passed over in favour of other models, however, because it is from one of the biggest brands in the field, and it comes with a 3-year warranty and all the guarantees of reliability that you expect from Brother.

Watch a Video of the Brother LS14 Review

There are certainly other comparable models of this type from alternative makers, but we recommend you take a closer look at the Brother LS14 – or other models form this brand – especially as it is available from around £70, which really is the best price you’ll find this sewing machine available for. The are tons of Brother LS14 reviews on Amazon from real customers, and in fact, it is one of the best selling sewing machines available online.

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